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Best Hair Color Services in Greenville

Interested in a new or updated hair color? Blush Hair Studio & Spa has the best hair colorists in Greenville, SC, and offers everything from skilful gray blending and beautiful balayage to root touch-ups and dimensional all over color.

Whether you’re looking for a natural lived-in look or a vibrant eye-catching shade, we have the experience and artistic eye to achieve your desired hair color. 

Our Greenville hair salon offers a variety of hair color services near you:

*Color service includes a haircut

Gray blending is the process of blending your current color with incoming grays so there is no line of demarcation. This hair coloring service gives your hair a natural look and is a great lower maintenance option for clients who don't want to get root retouches every 8 weeks. The cost of our gray blending services start at $225. 

Many of our Greenville hair salon staff members are experienced in gray blending ‒ click below to book with on of our gray blending experts today! 

*Color service includes a haircut
*Please note you MUST book a consultation for Grey Transformations

Gray transformation hair coloring allows your natural sparkle to shine by gracefully transitioning you to your natural gray hair. Our gray transformation service is a great option for clients who want to embrace their grays and switch from a more high maintenance root retouch so they no longer need to come into the salon every 4-6 weeks. Our gray transformation services start at $125 an hour. 

  • This hair coloring service can take up to 8 hours and is usually achieved in one or two sessions. It is maintained with a toner every 6-8 weeks and possible highlight touches as needed until the original color grows out and can be cut off.

*Color service includes a haircut

With balayage, our experienced Greenville colorists hand-paint highlights into your hair for a lived-in, natural look. This service gives your color a soft grow out and can last up to six months, which makes it a great option for someone who doesn't want to return to the hair salon every couple of weeks. This service starts at $225. 

Balayage can be done on blondes or brunettes. Clients with other hair colors should contact our hair salon about other hair color services that can be used to achieve your desired look. 

*Color service includes a haircut

All over color is a hair coloring service that changes the overall color of your hair, such as blonde to brunette or light brunette to a darker shade. The final result can range from super dimensional to beautifully blended, depending on your desired look. 

This service is a great option for someone who wants to make an all over change to their hair color. However, it should be noted that all over color is not a lightening service and is usually not an option for someone looking to go a shade lighter than they already are. Our all over color starts at $150. The cost of this hair coloring service depends on your hair's length and density, as well as the desired look.


Our Greenville hair colorists can advise alternate hair coloring services for those looking to go lighter ‒ call 864-263-7864 or click below to book a consultation today! 

We know you’re busy, and we take that into account with our express color service. Express color is a root touch-up service for our existing clients, which makes it a great option for anyone who wants to touch up their roots without spending more than an hour in the salon. Express color services are $65.

  • Because of the time constraints of this service, express color does not include a cut or style.

*Color service includes a haircut

Hair glaze is a non-permanent technique that can tone your color and add shine to your hair. This hair color treatment can also be a maintenance appointment for blondes, gray blending, or gray transformation clients. Glaze hair color treatments are $90. 


Our knowledgeable Greenville hair colorists will let you know if we recommend using glaze to maintain your color. Book a consultation below!

*Book a consultation first 

Vivid colors are perfect for a wild child, and we’re here for it! Bring us your inspiration or let us use our creativity to guide you. Our hair colorists know what it takes to achieve stunning bright hair color. 

  • These sessions can look different for everyone depending on the desired look, so vivid color appointments can take anywhere from 4-10 hours depending on the color you want and the length and density of your hair. We require a free color consultation be booked first so we can assess your individual situation and discuss expectations, budget, and timing.


*Book a consultation first 

Corrective color services repair any issues you may have from previous hair coloring experiences. Things happen, and we are here to help you get your hair back to where you want it to be. Let our hair coloring experts take you from “Oh my!” to “Oh WOW!” with skillful corrective color. Corrective color services start at $125 per hour. 

  • Corrective color can be very tedious and time consuming, so expect anywhere from 4-10 hours depending on the project at hand. We require a free color consultation be booked first so we can assess your individual situation and discuss expectations, budget, and timing.

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